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Refaal is a Brazilian law student and amateur digital graphics artist. He is mostly known by his female muscle art, several unfinished projects and completely random behavior. He's been active since 2005.



If you smell sarcasm, have no fear- your nose is working just fine.

stmercy2020 is a high school English teacher living in Arizona, USA. He has been a contributor of short stories and FM fiction since 2007 and is best known for his Sylph series. His interest in femuscle is really part of a much broader interest in sports and athleticism for both genders. While strictly an amateur writer, he has occasionally accepted requests and helped edit compositions written by fellow artists and enthusiasts.



Because it's me!

Jebriodo (Jed Dougherty) is a painter and comic artist living in California USA. He has been making artwork featuring amazons and strong women since at least 1988. He is currently co-administrator of the FemaleMuscle club on deviantArt- a club devoted to publicizing and promoting femuscle artists and fostering a sense of community amongst them.


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Elee0228 is a muscle girl artwork fan and freelance IT consultant living in New York. He spends his free time sharing artwork with his fellow fans in his DeviantART journal. He's known to commission artwork of his favorite character, Akiko Daimon from time to time. He uses what little he knows of the Japanese language to translate stories and locate artwork from around the world. He's excited about Musclewomania and is honored to have been asked to participate.



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Reddyheart (aka blackheart) is a eclectic brazilian comic artist, author or several comic books (original and parodies) featuring muscular women. His website is constantly updated with new pictures, comics and other projects.



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Titaneer is a sometimes 3D art render monkey (not related to Reffy) and full time comic shop guy and librarian student living somewhere in the midwest of the United States. He is a self taught 3D artist and writer who continues to find new ways to get into trouble. He approves of female muscle in all its many forms in popular art and in real life. He too is excited by the prospects that Musclewomania might have to explore the potential of femuscle concepts. The mad scientist quietly returns to his lair until called for by his compatriots.