Welcome to our wiki, and thank you for your visit! There's a lot to do aroud here, so i hope you enjoy the site while we come up with many more improvements to it. Musclewomania would like to invite all members of the femuscle community, artists and art appreciators alike, to join in the fun and have a great time! Questions? Email us!

What is Musclewomania?

Musclewomania is an art contest with an emphasis on Athletic and Female Muscle artwork. The contestants will submit their entries for voting by a panel of previously selected judges and the audience. The most creative and well-executed entries will be awarded monetary prizes. Musclewomania is an art contest created by femuscle lovers for femuscle lovers. The Musclemania sponsors are members of the community with an interest in and love of the athletic female form- they have donated money for the support of this contest, but they are not being paid in any way. Musclewomania seeks to encourage artists of ANY type of medium to enter.

Whats our goal?

Our main goal is to discover, promote and reward creative and talented artists of the FM community on internet, and consequently give the FM community a renewed life. The object is to expand both the quality and the variety of femuscle artwork available within the community. While there is always some contention over what is essentially a subjective process, it is our intention to keep the contest as transparent and honest as it is possible to be.

Why Female Muscle?

Female Muscle is more than just a fetish. It is a celebration of the commitment and dedication of women who seek a new attitude towards the way of life imposed on them - a stronger and healthier attitude. The Female Muscle Community has plenty of talented and rising artists, and a following comparable to an iceberg that we've only seen the tip of.